on this page you can download my projects. If you have any questions please feel free ti contact me. Creating these projects is a lot of fun for me. But it also costs a lot of time :).

Therefore I would be glad about a small donation, if you like my work.

Have fun with the downloads!

Cute 3D Ghost

MouseMade Content GhostA cute 3D ghost i created in a small test session for new blender functions.
Optimized for blender 2.9 stable and eevee render

MouseMade Content BoatdA Boat with lots of stuff for a diving course. And a small krabs :). Optimized for blender 2.9 stable and eevee.
MouseMadeContent BreakfastA breakfast scene optimized for eevee and made with blender 2.9 beta.
Enjoy it !

MouseMadeContent OvenIn this project i created a blender 3d animation for an oven. I use often an empty for control the animated parts of the project. Enjoy it!
MoudeMade Content LighterA small nuke lighter, optimized for eevee and blender 2.9 stable. I adjusted the colors in the compositor.
Enjoy it !

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